Ethos Endymion PD Ease for Parkinson's Disease

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 Professor Steven Charles Gallant
Professor Steven Gallant

"Ethos Endymion PD Ease is the very purest form of L-Carnosine on the planet. It is the only product in the world which possesses the unique ability to rejuvenate cells and protect the brain from oxidative stress damage. Not only will it help people who are already suffering with Parkinson's Disease; it will effectively work to help prevent people from getting Parkinson's Disease if taken regularly on a daily basis.
There are other L-Carnosine products on the market, I have tested all of them and hereby certify that Ethos Endymion PD Ease is the very purest, the very best quality and, even more importantly, is 'bio-active'. Taking other brands, and expecting to see the same results, may unfortunately leave you feeling very disappointed. In fact, one brand is only 98% pure and is 'cracked' with other dipeptides which are really not good for you at all and so I would definitely recommend avoiding that one at all costs..."
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